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What is occupational therapy? Occupational therapy is a profession that promotes quality of life through activities that are meaningful and functional. Occupational therapy helps people of all ages do what they want to do and need to do, but are not currently able to do. An occupational therapist can provide therapy to a person of any age, in a variety of settings including homes, clinics, hospitals,  schools, and skilled nursing facilities. 

Do I need occupational therapy? If you notice difficulty with performing daily activities, you may benefit from occupational therapy. Contact us at the number below for further discussion.

Which insurance do you accept? We are in network with Medicaid, CareSource, and Amerigroup.

Will the therapist be able to see me at a specific time? We try our best to accommodate scheduling requests if the appointment time requested is available.  Our office hours are Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm, with the last appointment being at 4:00. In special circumstances we may extend our hours until 6pm. 

How long are the sessions? Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes which includes 50 minutes of direct, one on one treatment, and the final 10 minutes are spent on education and consultation.

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